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Europe 2020

The indicators

In the difficult context in which we are living, the European Commission has defined a new ‘Europe 2020’ strategy with the aim to lead Europe out of its economic crisis and above all to give it a new direction and new goals to successfully face the challenges of the next decade.
There are three key priorities to boost the economy and promote ‘smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth’ based on enhanced coordination of national and European policies, as follows:

  1. Smart Growth: developing an economy based on knowledge and innovation
  2. Sustainable Growth: promoting a more resource efficient, greener, and more competitive economy;
  3. Inclusive Growth: fostering a high-employment rate conducive to social and territorial cohesion.

Progresses towards the achievement of these goals are assessed on the basis of some key indicators that Member States turn into national targets according to their respective starting positions.

List of indicators

  1. Employment rate for people aged 20 to 64 - Next update june 2019 

  2. Percentage of R&D/GDP expenditure - Next update november 2019  

  3. Greenhouse gas emissions - Next update october 2019 

  4. Share of renewable energy in gross final energy consumption - Next update june 2019 

  5. Current number of Photovoltaic systems - Next update december 2018 

  6. Number of Photovoltaic systems installed for the year - Next update december 2018 

  7. Energy efficency: final (primary) energy consumption - Next update june 2019 

  8. Early leavers from education and training - Next update june 2019 

  9. Tertiary educational attainment - Next update june 2019 

  10. Poverty or social exclusion (values in thousands) - Next update june 2019 

  11. Poverty or social exclusion (% of population) - Next update june 2019