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VENEZIA - DORSODURO   Rio dei Tre Ponti 3494/A
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Population and society

Data can be consulted on the resident population by sex, age group and civil status per municipality from 1997 to the last available year (data provided by Istat), and on the demographic changes from 1975 to the last available year (births, deaths, migration) broken down by municipality (data provided by Istat).

Resident population in the Veneto

Resident population in the Veneto by age broken down by municipality.
Source: Istat

Note: the data is gathered yearly from the demographic registers of the municipalities, and does not refer to the intercensal population estimates carried out by Istat on some aspects of demographic change based on the results of the censuses.
Please note: the information regarding the persons added to and deleted from the register has been updated to standardise the historical series of the data, taking into account the "other additions" and "other deletions" categories released by Istat for the last few years.
Therefore, "other additions" is included in the "arrivals from another municipality" category, i.e. those additions following postcensal checks (mainly registrations of persons not included in the census). "Departures for another municipality" includes the "other deletions" category, i.e those deletions following postcensal checks (mainly deletion of persons included in the census by mistake) or following ongoing demographic verifications (mainly deletion of persons who cannot be traced).