Sharing and comparing facts

Statistical Report 2019

The underlying theme of this edition of the Regional Statistical Report that you have in your hands his balance.
Objectively, we live in a very complex and integrated world, in which growing and sometimes contrasting forces of a social, economic and cultural nature exist which are difficult to bring together in a unified and stable way.
In particular, the concept of there being only one right way of doing things (Taylor's one best way) seems to have disappeared for good, since it is now well established that the same solutions to the same problems may not work if you change the context in which you work.
On the contrary, the approach that favours and values the instruments of balance and conciliation between the various pressures proliferating from society is becoming more and more interesting. The examples that can be given are countless, but certainly the most important issue with the gravest consequences if not dealt with, is the relationship between humanity and the environment. In particular, this concerns the needs of economic development and the protection of health and life on the planet. For this reason, the policymaker must pay particular attention and take care when acquiring and processing the strategic information of a constantly changing situation, in order to be able to develop a strategy that can meet conflicting needs in a sustainable synthesis, dynamic in development, respectful of differences and effective in results.
Far from proposing a fixed vision of balance, the analyses in this volume are intended to stimulate broad reflection, from an organic and unitary point of view that involves all aspects of the everyday life of our regional community.

Luca Zaia
President of the Veneto Region