Sistema Statistico Regionale
VENEZIA - DORSODURO   Rio dei Tre Ponti 3494/A
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Tourist flows in the Veneto

Our aim in creating this resource is to provide important information about tourism in the Veneto region in order to supply more and more evaluation parameters to tour operators, professional associations, researchers and individuals.
The calculations were made on data from the statistical surveys "Consistenza degli esercizi ricettivi" and "Movimenti dei clienti negli esercizi ricettivi" set up by the Programma Statistico Nazionale and regulated by the European Council directive and ISTAT guidelines.
This work is encompassed by the production of statistics already circulated by the Regione Veneto and is intended to increase the amount of information available on this sector, which is fundamental for the Veneto's economy.
The tables are easy to consult and can also be downloaded in Excel format so that users are free to carry out their own further calculations.

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