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Statistical Report 2015
Statistical Report 2015
Statistical Report 2015



Copertina This year, the theme we chose for the analyses in the Regional Statistical Report is “energies”.
The concept of energy seems particularly effective as a key to decipher the historical moment that we are experiencing.
Significantly, the etymology of energy is “force in action”, i.e. a pulse which acts on the external reality, modifying it and adapting it to new conditions.
In this sense, the concept of energy may be seen as a dynamic factor that can start and restart the mechanism that makes communities function, be they national or regional, which have been severely tested by a difficult to overcome global crisis.
I would also like to emphasize how the Report deals with “energies”, in the plural. Indeed, only a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary approach can harmoniously develop and promote the multiple growth and progress stimuli expressed by Veneto’s social and economic trendsetters. I think of the great excellences that distinguish our region: the courage and capacity for innovation of our entrepreneurs, the quality of our food and wine and of our manufacturing, environmental and land protection, tourism development, our school and education system and much more that you will find in the pages of the report.
However, as happens in the physical world, although the energies that operate in a regional community are the active agent of visible and measurable change, they are often invisible and inaudible to an inattentive observer.
Indeed, the importance of the publication you hold in your hands lies precisely in its objective and transparent data, which provide a guide for mapping those forces that are already active in our reality and are outlining the new development and progress models of Veneto’s near future.

Luca Zaia
Chairman of the Veneto Region

The twelfth edition of the Statistical Report marks an important stage in the evolution of this now popular publication, which over the course of time has developed into a reference for the analysis and comparison of the structural and cyclical phenomena pertaining collectively to our region.
Being aware that statistics are the heritage of a community, the Council confirms its continuing commitment to building, maintaining and developing a statistical information system capable of meeting the cognitive needs expressed by the community (people, businesses, public and private bodies).
Therefore, this report is the annual summary of the data gathering, processing and analysis conducted by the offices of the Region pertaining to the local structural and economic situation.
The detailed analysis of excellences, engines of development for the entire region, the comparison with the most advanced regions in Italy and Europe and the close connection with the Regional framework programme all demonstrate our ongoing commitment to providing, available to all, a documented and objective image of the Veneto region and, based on it, a sometimes surprising interpretation of the region’s evolutionary dynamics.
I am sure that reading this publication, also available in digital form on the Administration’s website (, will be an important source of knowledge and, at the same time, an evocative stimulus for reflection for all.

Luca Felletti
Secretary General of Planning Veneto Region