Regione del Veneto - U.O. Sistema Statistico Regionale
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The Statistiche Flash

Statistiche flash

A regional bulletin that provides an up-to-the-minute statistical overview of the Veneto. The dozens of editions published to date offer a vast range of facts and figures and cover a host of topics, including GDP, population, agriculture and tourism, affording an invaluable insight into the Veneto and its economy.

Year 2018

February Planes: A method of transport growing expodentially everyday
January School building figure: A great step forward for the schools and the country

Year 2017

December Museums, archives, libraries, Public services connected together
November Sports and physical activity in Veneto
October Export confirmed as a pillar of Veneto’s economy
September Social justice: A pledge that no one is left behind
July Awareness and Sustainability in the use of energy
April Veneto and quality food
March Veneto: More technological and efficient P.A.
February Tourism in Veneto: 2016 breaks all previous records
January Gender equality to promote talent

Year 2016

December Urban mobility in Veneto: Between tradition and innovation
November In sync wit the digital network
September A bridge between inside and outside
July Birth Rates: Discouraged desire
May Excellent results from commercial trade in Veneto
April The procurement market in Veneto
February Feeding health
January Being a commuter in Veneto

Year 2015

December Agriculture in Veneto, Among news and confirmations
November Slow Tourism: Combination between nature and food
October Open to the new digital revolution
September The water resources in Veneto: a good to preserve
June The russian crisis: the impact on the economy of Veneto
May The cultural tourism does not know any crisis
March Working in Veneto: among the best conditions in italy
February Businesses in 2014

Year 2014

November Female entrepreneurship
October The way towards sustainability
September Justice, legality and securuty: the foundation of all rights
July Land and the city: resources to live
April The museum heritage
March Migrants: inclusion in society regarding openness and difficulties
February Tourism in 2013: A strategic sector confirmed
Jenuary Developing skills, aiming toward progress

Year 2013

December The public reading libraries of Veneto
November Beach tourism: profiles and appreciation rates
October 9th Census of industry and services, institutions and non-profit organisations
Special October The energy situation in view of Europe 2020
September The distribution of agrifoods in Veneto
August Road accidents in Veneto
June Standard needs: efficiency and equity in local authorities' expenditure
May Consumptions: making ends meet
April Alcohol and young people: a dangerous combination
March The 15th italian census: the population jigsaw in Veneto
February The power of Veneto tourism 2012
January Energy to support the environment

Year 2012

December Towards a more sustainable pension system
September Move more: a healthy habit
Special August 6° agriculture census: final data
July Defend yourself from fear
June Beautiful and well made: venetian exportation
April Veneto foreign trade in 2011
March The importance of investing in research and innovation
February 2011: Veneto tourism a record of 63 million tourists

Year 2011

December A new pa: technologies available to citizens
November Emerging countries: new markets and opportunities
October The new energy way
September Integrating people and culture
July 6° agricolture census: preliminary data
May Towards a more sustainable job market
April The success story of Veneto wine
March Cooperatives in Veneto
February The vitality of Veneto's tourism
January Europe 2020 Strategy

Year 2010

December Marriage in Veneto
November Investing in young people, investing in society
July Agrotourism in Veneto
June Mobility outside of cities
May Enjoying the privilege of reaching a ripe old age
March Research and innovation in Veneto
February Tourism in Veneto challenges the crisis
January Food safety from the farm to the fork

Year 2009

December Smoke less for a healthier life
October Mobility styles in Veneto
Special edition A productive Veneto: the fashion industry. Dynamics and geographical distribution of firms
Special edition A productive Veneto: the furniture industry. Dynamics and geographical distribution of firms
Special edition A productive Veneto: the food industry. Dynamics and geographical distribution of firms
Special edition A productive Veneto: the optical and electronics industry. Dynamics and geographical distribution of firms
Special edition A productive Veneto: the metal industry. Dynamics and geographical distribution of firms
Special edition A productive Veneto: the engineering industry. Dynamics and geographical distribution of firms
April A productive Veneto. Business dynamics and territorializing
March The immigration of women
February Tourism in Veneto. Year 2008
January Agrotourism services in Veneto ? Year 2007

Year 2008

November The provinces of Veneto
June On course for the Lisbon objectives
April Veneto and the current economic situation
March Being a family in Veneto
February Tourism in Veneto. Its success continues. Year 2007
January Water is a precious commodity

Year 2007

December Migrants and social integration
November sp.ed. Euroregion project "Villa Manin"
October Local public spending
June Veneto energy. Year 2005
March European Union Enlargement. The accession of Romania and Bulgaria
February Tourism in the Veneto is flying higher and higher. Year 2006
January Hospitality in the Veneto countryside. Year 2005

Year 2006

November Veneto exports are positive. Definitive data and foreign trade development
September Museums in the Veneto. Year 2005
June Towards the Lisbon target
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