Information System for the Governance of Veneto

  Technology Solutions

At the beginning it was necessary to find out a partner with functional and technical skills and ability to manage complex project. The partners had to support the design and implementation of the innovative statistical information system for the Veneto Region, SėGOVe.
After the choice our IT Department and the partner, HP Business Intelligence Solutions, focused in the architecture design and the software selection process, evaluating technologies based on a best of breed approach.
Of course, the selection process was guided by both the IT and Business Users requirements to define a new standard and scalable architecture to answer to the following needs:

  • leverage the investment in technology of the IT department of Regione Veneto
  • evaluate the obsolescence of the product/platform used
  • have a unique stack of software products to address the BI functionalities
  • allow a flexible and a progressive grow of the BI solution in term of functionalities
  • define a BI solution that allow a central management reducing the need of any local technical representative in business department
  • choice of a standard solution with solid technical foundation and a local presence of skilled resources in the market

At the end of the process Regione Veneto identified the new application standard for BI projects in which Oracle RDBMS was the maintained choice for the data layer and the Business Objects suite was the new choice for the data integration, application and presentation layer.
Access to SėGOVe is restricted; to access SėGOVe you have to be an authorized user. As of today, direct access to the system is allowed to DSSR users and users belonging to Regione Veneto.
From a technical view point: the web and the application servers are based on HP Proliant technology, while the database is on an HP superdome server.